Jamming into beaver

I enjoyed running this morning also.

I took new running shorts, but actually it was bit tight for me.
So, point between my legs made a jamming into my beaver....

As I run, the point excited my beaver as well, .....

I felt my beaver getting hard...

I found my spot on my pants when I took a shower...

This pants is really lovely....

Run 3

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Running fetishism

Too late greeting, A Happy New Year!

It is for long time to show my blog.

For around hald year, I made big efforts for running like a running fetishism.

During a running I could feel really fresh mind and feeling my under body.
Because I don't take any underwear as my running, jsut take a suit for running.

So my little sister also feels fresh wind and cooling...

When I finish running, my running suits gets soaked to the skin...

THe liquid may be sweat or love juice....???

I love running...

Run 1

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