Seductive glances

Before after

In cold night, I had to do hardly.... to heat up myself...

Just after come to room, I got started.... without removing pantyhouse....

Actually I couldn't stop my finger moving, vibration by my toys,
in and out with them.....

At end of day, I slept without taking shower.....

Many of my toys were lied down on the bed....

even that I was happy to enjoy my workings.........


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After working hours, I put undees off once.

But for no special reason I drew on my pantihouse without undees...

What feelings so nice to feel...!!!
it was a sense of release....

Now, I can approach my futz readily....

Uhnnnnnnn..... I wanted to unwrap my pantyhouse sooner tahn later...

That's because my futz started wanting my moving by something...

Oh, no...... it's already piss-wet to the skin....!!!

......but is was really hard....

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  2. Feel
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Yesterday, it was nice for spending free time...
and I had something on my chest, and checked my toys....

I didn't know the fact that I was having 16 pcs of vibrators,
5 pcs of rotors and 5 pcs of toys for my joy button...

Wow, such a number I had!!!!

Especially as for the Portio vibrators, I had 4 series of orgastors which were
- Orgastor
- Orgastor Big
- Orgastor Love
- Hyper Orgamax

It's great to see such a toy....!!!

Of course, I enjoyed last night in a relaxed atomosphere with those toys.....

Among the above toys, I recommend you combined usage of the Orgastor Big for my little sister and the Fairy Mini for my joy button...!!

It can be felt my orgasm over and over again.....

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Handy ......

Feel 2

I feel myself compelled to touch my futz...

It may instinct or prone doing...

Check it out! doing bean flicking yourself remain standing...
by the windowsill.

You can feel more quickly and hardly own your futz....

Ahuuuuuurn...... How do I handle this if someone has seen me....?

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Morning temptation

It was really cold this morning...
but my living was warmed by clock-timer.

Uhnnn, how confortable this morning!

Then suddenly I wanted an incentive to occupy my jelly roll...

After wavering a few minutes, my dildo was inserted into my....

The bobbing motion of my waist was happened over and over again....
My cunt juice distilled and run down my dildo.....

After getting left, I felt bad about seeing wide stain of my juice...

but I got multi-orgasmic really much...

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Coming of winter

It is really cold today, and windy hard...

My skirt didn't work for protecting my legs... so
I felt too cold on my lower region...

Such a cold, my futz closes and doesn't want to open...

So I pulled off my undees just after came back to home in order to warm it up...

Uhnnnnnn, I'm wondering which kinds of toys are best today...

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If what...

Before 2

I'm concerning what I should do from now...

My shorts is waiting my actions...

During thinking my thought, my joy button is getting to be hot...
and becoming hypertropic....

Ahnnnnnn, also today I want to look for my orgasm....hardly...

Uhnnnnn... What may I use today?

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Friday, today... I'm looking very much to happen something tonight.
Because there are nothing happened these days...

Unnnn, I'm wondering if someone could check my... , I'm taking new undees.

My quim is also expecting a lot of experiences to be hot tonight....

I really want to......

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Thinking over

After work r

After yesterday's ...... got moist completely....

I'm making self-questioning again.... but it was really good and happiness.

If you want to do so, you should do as you want anttime.... I think...

Uhnnnnnnnn,,,,,, I'm too much H?

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Third times done

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In a room in the afternoon

My lover

Today is really cold in out side, but in a room which has sun lights is warm in this afternoon.

This warming leads to handle "my lover, Toy" naturally.

I'm concerning the sounds of my toy because it is really roud. Maybe my neighborhood maight be heard the sounds.
But I can't stop it, mine is already wet and threading with my jelly baby.

Uuuuuuurn, it is really hot! really good! it is hitting my back room hardly.

Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh!
My legs are openned and the toy is rotating with sounds.

Ahnnn, please stop this someone ------.
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