Smell in the train

Today I got the Supper Express Shinkansen to Osaka,

When I was in the toilet, I found and felt a Mens'smell which was just after finished his mastervation.

The smell was like a fish. I became hot and I could not stand any more ….

I took off my shorts, then touched my ---@…
Annn ………, my vagina was hot and she was having too much liquid.

Could not stop moving my finger in the vagina ………

Felt brilliant my most women's hapiness with my body really …


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During toilet ---

I did at last, --- in the toilet.

when I did and finished, I storong pushed on my --- as finishing.

Then I found a feeling on my point of ----,
I didn't stop to move my finger on the point ----.

Aroud 30 minutes, I felt my hotest time in the toilet.

Just after that, I didn't stand up myself ----.

I need some helps to satisfy my mind --- in my body.

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On the Sofa

When I was lied on the sofa, my feeling was coming ---

A finger moved on my leg, moved up to my ----, (I can not say ---)

Stopping finger moving at the point od my ----, muuuuuuuu

Can not stop any more, finger and my feeling became hot hot hot, anuuuuuu



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  2. Not stop
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Just after waked up this morning, I felt ----. and done what was ----.

Need your minds to ---.

Do you see?


Just before
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